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Gun Belts From BlackBeardBelts: Your Last Favorite Belt

BlackBeardBelts makes quality CCW/EDC belts built to last. Crafted from 4500 pound tensile strength polymer coated nylon, their belts won’t roll over or fold. These belts will easily hold anything you want to strap on it.

Most gun belts are either too thick, too cumbersome, low quality, or too expensive.  Once you get used to the comfort of custom fit, this will be your new and last favorite belt.  You’ll take all your standard belts to Goodwill, once you get used to the adjustability of the Black Beard belt system.

They are impervious to all weather conditions and resists water, dirt, chemicals and body fluids. The polymer coating material grabs your holster for a nonslip mount. Once you get your holster where you want it, it stays there through the day.

A common problem with concealed carry is a “fashion” belt which won’t support the weight of a handgun without sagging and twisting. There are many choices in “gun” belts but they can be cumbersome, low quality and expensive.  This will be your new and last favorite belt. Once you get used to the adjustability of BlackBeardBelts you will never be satisfied with 1 inch adjustments again.

The ratcheting buckle and ladder strap provides 9 inches of precise ¼ inch adjustments. You can find and set the perfect size for IDPA competitions, CCW/EDC, or law enforcement applications. Need it tighter? The buckle ratchets to the perfect comfort level. Lift the quick release if you put on rain gear or go to the lunch buffet.

Consistency is the beginning of performance. If your holster moves when you set your grip, your presentation will be hit or miss. This belt sticks your holster in place and holds it there, draw after draw. When the gun comes up, the holster stays put.

BlackBeardBelts Gun Belts are available in two colors, the original SWAT black “Peacekeeper” and Coyote Tan “Warfighter

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Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer

October 25, 2020

Just received my belt. WOW!!! What an awesome belt. Best made belt I have ever owned. I am VERY happy with the quality and look.

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