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The Blackbeard Peacekeeper: A Low Profile Duty Belt

Another great read people.  Travis Pike really gets into some great details on our Peacekeeper Gun Belt.

Here are some sneak peaks of the Article for your viewing pleasure:

"Today we are leaning towards utility over fashion. Utility over comfort means fashion and the Blackbeard Peacekeeper belt is easily the most comfortable gun belts I’ve ever worn."

"I can adjust it to accommodate my Glock 17 in a JM4 IWB, and then without issue switch to a P365 in a Clinger Holster and just tighten the belt down to adjust to the size difference. The ability to ratchet the Peacekeeper down to the ¼ inch is fantastic. I can get my belt just right for keeping my pants up and comfortably carrying my gun of choice."

"The Blackbeard Peacekeeper has been my go-to EDC belt for over a month now. The only time I don’t wear it is when I’ve had to dress a little fancier. Nothing against the belt, but a ratchet buckle and ladder strap aren’t precisely fashionable with a shirt and tie. Day in and day out I’ve carried the belt with khakis, jeans, and it’s supported guns, knives, and more."

"Leather is excellent, but this polymer-coated nylon is more resistant to moisture, dirt, chemicals, and is hard to stain. It also doesn’t seem to bend and has remained stiff when worn. It doesn’t stretch at all, and it always looks new. To clean it you wipe down with a moist cloth cleans it off."

"I love that the Peacekeeper never makes the gun dig into my body. It’s just tight enough to keep the gun in place and to stay comfortable."

"When it came time for a good range day, I never felt the belt budge when I drew my gun. If a belt is too loose the weapon, holster and belt will slide upwards. If it’s tight, it may be uncomfortable. The Peacekeeper walks that fine line. It’s reliable for both IWB and OWB carry and drawing."

Click HEREfor the full article!

1 Response

David Adams

David Adams

October 25, 2018

HI! I saw the Peacekeeper Gun Belt review in “American Handgunner” magazine and I had to have one. I just received it and I am very happy with it. I’ll add it to my gun belt collection and wear it often.

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