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So you are ordering a beautiful BlackBeardBelt online and are probably wondering if your new belt is going to fit correctly.  Getting a belt to fit properly can be hairy (insert hairy beard pun here).  You have to take some factors into consideration when choosing the right size belt.  Think about this...how do you want your belt to fit...a little snugger or a little looser?  What kind of gear will you be using with your new belt?  Will you be using your new belt for IWB or OWB? What size firearm are you concealing?  These are all factors to consider when choosing your belt size.

So there is one easy way to size your belt which will result in a perfect fit 100% of the time.  It only requires you to take 1 quick measurement and you’ll have a perfect fit for your new BlackBeardBelt!  So check out the instructions below.  We want this to be as easy as possible for you and avoid you having to ship your new belt back to us for a different size.  We will be more than happy to do that but we want you to get your belt on and get going as soon as you receive it.

Being that every manufacture of pants sizing varies, trust me it does, you can’t possibly get a perfect fit unless you measure.  Plus, a lot of customers think they're skinnier then they are (no names). We have exchanged more belts then I would like to admit, so I came up with this super easy Picture.

So here it is... A 100% PERFECT FIT:

This is easy to do, will take just a minute and essentially guarantees a perfect fit.  Follow the below IMAGE instructions and make sure the belt you measure fits you the way you will be using it with any gear attached. Grab your current belt and pay attention to the current hole you use, especially if you are carrying IWB/OWB, that's the hole you want to use when measuring.

Remember, BlackBeardBelts CCD/EDC belts are made by hand so some variances in measurements can occur.  They are minimal and will not affect sizing.  Also remember they will NOT stretch. 

If or some reason your belt does not fit you the way that you would like, please contact us at 405-696-7619 or email us at support@blackbeardbelts.com and we will be happy to help you get the right belt fit for you.  Thank you for supporting small business and keeping America thriving!  God bless.