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Spotter Up- Black Beard Belts Ranger Review

"Having a belt that is flexible and works well with the lighter gun, but also works great with the heavier 92 is a big plus.."

"4 hour round trip in the car and about 6 hours walking around with a concealed hand gun while carrying one or two of the boys at various times throughout the fun day. No issues with the belt, no pain or wear, no printing. The belt just did what it was supposed to do, hold up my pants and help conceal the handgun I was carrying. There was no point where I was looking forward to taking the belt and gun off or wishing I’d worn a lighter or smaller belt. It just worked and let me focus on my family and having fun while keeping my gun safely concealed."

"If you’re in the market for a new belt, or maybe you don’t yet own a proper carry belt, give Black Beard Belts I look. I’m not saying you need to sell everything you currently have and buy one, everyone has a different style and interpretation of essential needs and comfort. But I can say this belt is of fine quality and would be a fine choice for anyone in the market."

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