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Black Beard Belts – when it has to click

I couldn't agree with Rab more. LOL.  All you need to pull the release and let her loose to pack down a few more tacos and beers!  

Here are some sneak peaks of the Article for your viewing pleasure:

"But you must feel this, or it’s coyote sister version – The Warfighter, to truly appreciate the idea and craftsmanship behind it."

"The Peacekeeper allows you to basically fine tune your comfort without interrupting the weapon, your attire, or your partner who may have fallen asleep after that third helping of tacos."

"The really cool thing is that the adjustments can be made very discretely.  A quick look at the buckle might suggest that it would be too visible under a thin layer of clothing, but that isn’t the case.  Compared to the anything you might actually hold with the belt, it blends very smoothly with a base layer attire."

Click HERE for the full article!

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