About us


Born out of necessity, request, and demand...Black Beard Belts

Since our business was initially firearms and tactical gear, through the years, we have been asked many times for recommendations for a quality belt, or suggested that we should start producing one for CCW.   Finally, due to demand and request, we proudly and humbly present you with our exclusive belt line, BlackBeardBelts. Not because I'm a pirate but because I actually have a black beard, so that made it easy.  This is a 100%, small, family owned and operated business.  Our family consists of my wife, 5 children and yours truly.  We hope you'll be impressed with our new belts and we can continue to create and make new products for you.

I can honestly say, that over the years I have grown frustrated with CCW/EDC belts that I have purchased.  Either they were too thick, too cumbersome, too expensive or just not quality products.  I wore standard leather belts because I figured if I wasn't going to be happy wearing a fancy Gun belt, that I might as well keep to the same cheap belt I had always worn; stretched, sagging, and always pulling my pants up.  How about when you get into the car or sit on the floor to play with the kids?  Go out for meal with the old lady, have a couple of beers?  Now you have to adjust your belt don't you?  Yup, damn right you do.  That gets annoying, especially with 1" spacing on most belts. 

For that reason, I use 9, 3/4" spaced oval holes to give you maximum comfort and adjustability, and use polymer coated webbing to ensure zero stretch over time.  Not adjustable enough?  Well, I created another belt for those who want 1/4" adjustments, our "Peacekeeper Gun Belt."  You will fall in love with this belt as soon as you wear it.  It is my daily belt, as well as training gun belt.  I wear it daily, unless I need a more traditional belt, which would be our handsome "Romeo Gun Belt" or "Classic Black Gun Belt."

I have worked many long, difficult and frustrating to say the least, hours to create a brand of belts we could be proud to offer our customers.  Our family wants to thank you for your support and we look forward to continue creating new and innovative products for you.  Thank you and God Bless...

Michael Moreno - BlackBeard himself