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1. Blackbeard Peacekeeper Duty Belt

Black Beard Peacekeeper

Retail for the Peacekeeper is $95.90. (Photo: Blackbeard)


Meant for 3-gun competitions or those times when you’d like to securely attach another person to your belt, the Peacekeeper is made from a polymer-coated nylon measuring 1.5 inches wide and 5/32 inches thick. As the only non-leather offering in this list, the Peacekeeper shows how far plastics manufacturing has come in terms of good looks and durability.

Here is a plastic belt that won’t bend, roll over or stretch yet is perfectly flexible no matter the weather. And while you can drive a giant truck over the Peacekeeper and not harm it (Blackbeard has a video of this on their site), the main feature is the buckling system that literally ratchets in ¼-inch increments as tight as you need it but lets go with the flick of a single switch. The system provides 9 inches of adjustability and goes on and off in a snap. And indeed it provides a stable platform for a variety of guns. Made in the USA.

Visit the Blackbeard website to learn more about the Peacekeeper.


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